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As many of you know, I live just a few short miles from the small city of Ferguson. I wanted to support some of the numerous small businesses who are now without a building, or who are trying to clean … Continue reading →
When I first heard about the heroic efforts during WWII to break the Nazi communications codes such as Enigma, I had in my mind the image of a lone cryptanalyst with pencil and paper trying to figure out solutions, or … Continue reading →
I never used to think of my chosen profession as one that was particularly life-threatening, but after seeing several reports and watching Jon Stewart’s Rosewater, I am beginning to wonder. Granted, I am not a war reporter or looking to … Continue reading →
If you are looking to bring your skills into more current practice, learn a new programming language, or just experiment with taking a couple of technical classes, you are living in the best of times. There are a lot of … Continue reading →
Many of us of a certain age remember the “day the music died” when Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper’s plane crashed. Or if not the actual day we get the reference that was most notably chronicled in the song … Continue reading →
Perhaps you know already about, the site that anyone can organize any group on any topic. I have not been an organizer but have attended numerous meetups in St. Louis, and used the site to research people that I … Continue reading →
  What do a bowl of yellow M&Ms have to do with the Distant Early Warning or DEW line? Both are ways to provide early warning systems of sorts. Let me explain. The DEW line was a big deal back … Continue reading →
IT managers haven’t always been the best listeners. Here are some strategies to consider, taken from the best and worst customer interaction stories heard at a recent Teradata end user conference. You can read my story posted on ITworld today … Continue reading →
Two years ago, the convenience store chain 7-Eleven had no data warehouse, no smartphone app for its customers, and had a loyalty program that still used paper punch cards. Since then it has built the beginnings of a digital customer … Continue reading →
Apple Pay could revolutionize mobile payments… or fall flat like so many before it. Announced with the introduction of the iPhone 6, Apple Pay threatens to do what others have not: replace credit cards as a user’s go-to payment method. … Continue reading →
xFA can add multifactor security to any web service with a few lines of code. We tested xFA on a small network in August 2014. It has cloud-based components to manage multifactor security, along with apps for iOS and Android. … Continue reading →
With the passing of John Akers last week, I was reminded how very different the IBM of today is from the company that I began covering when I first entered tech journalism back in the mid-1980s. Back then, IBM was … Continue reading →
Based on a white paper that I wrote earlier in the year for them, I am holding a webinar next week with the above focus. In this webinar David S. Linthicum SVP, Cloud Technology Partners and Brandon Elliott the Chief … Continue reading →
I have a lot of complex feelings about what is going on a few miles to the north of me in Ferguson, Mo. I have been to this leafy and hilly suburb (an image that you probably wouldn’t get from … Continue reading →
When we reviewed six mobile device management products for Network World back in 2013, Citrix declined the opportunity to participate, but the company has changed its mind with the recent release of Xen Mobile v9.0 MDM. In our testing, we … Continue reading →
If you are trying to have more effective team communications, you are probably looking at products or services that go by names like “social CRMs” or “team engagement tracking apps.” Regardless of what they are called, these apps can connect … Continue rea...
Everyone is in the software business You may not know it, but you are in the software business, no matter what your actual business may appear to be. It doesn’t matter what you produce, whether you are a “bricks and … Continue reading →
The days of defending the perimeter are over. Look at what happened to a major retailer in late 2013 as an example. Someone posing as a trusted contractor was able to enter the retailer’s network and do all sorts of … Continue reading →
As more companies hire data scientists, there is a corresponding trend to hire a new kind of employee that some refer to as “data artists,” whose job it is to tell the stories behind the data in the most accessible … Continue reading →
I am sure by now you have heard about the Kickstarter project from Zack Brown where he promises to make potato salad. In a bowl. In his kitchen. That’s the project. For this he raised more than $55,000 from nearly … Continue reading →
If you subscribe to this feed and wonder why there hasn’t been any activity lately, I have moved my blog over to Sorry for the change, but I wanted to self-host and it was time. You might want to … Continue reading →
CA Technologies says, “For DevOps to work correctly, it must be treated as a movement, not a market for a specific vendor’s products.” As Arlo Guthrie once sang, with three people it is an organization. But if we can find … Continue reading →
As we get into the holidays, I want to ask all of your startup CEOs this question. Could you be paying yourself too much, and risk losing your business eventually? No, this isn’t coming from my Scrooge side, but some … Continue reading →
Unified threat management devices have traditionally been suited for small and medium-sized business networks. UTMs combine a number of essential technologies, including firewall, perimeter antimalware and antispam, VPN, Web content filtering and more, but historically have not been ca...
If you have not looked at VDI technology in a while, you will find that its changed. Faster, cheaper technology has made it an interesting option for some companies seeking a way to support flexible, work-from-anywhere environments. In fact, some … Continue reading →
At the heart of the celebrated case of Edward Snowden lies one important fact: The infamous contractor gained access to the trove of documents that he ultimately leaked to journalists by escalating his access rights. And despite this very real … Continue reading →
The latest and most interesting security stories of the past week, as culled for the portal of the Dice Security Talent Community page. Protecting Brand And Data While Staying Social CloudLock Tracks Google Apps Cloud Misuse The Case for a … Continue reading →
Remember when encryption meant scrambling your hard drive and using PGP for your email? It seems so quaint. Nowadays encryption has gotten much more complex, thanks to our friends in government agencies that have tapped into the Internet and made … Continue reading →
In my weekly efforts to keep up to date on the latest and greatest security stories for the Dice Security Talent Community, here they are: Hacking The Zero-Day Vulnerability Market Microsoft ‘Telepathwords’ Site Helps Users Craft Stronger Passwords Who is … Continue r...
To better protect the enterprise network, organizations need stronger firewalls. Cisco Systems’ Adaptive Security Appliance 5512-X delivers a solid set of features to address those needs: Zero-day malware protection, application-aware software and integration with endpoint device contr...
Mobile Device Managers (MDMs) make a lot of sense when you are trying to control whom can access your enterprise network and applications from particular phones and tablets. But to effectively evaluate these products, you should first consider what exactly … Continue reading U...
Single sign-on isn’t new: it has been around for more than a decade to help enterprises manage multiple passwords. And given the number of leaked passwords as of late it is becoming increasingly important as a security tool. What is … Continue reading →
The use of Big Data is growing rapidly as companies seek to use its power to help improve business efficiency and look for new business opportunities. In this presentation for the local chapter of the Data Warehousing Institute, I will … Continue reading →
Whether based on cards or mobile apps, single-brand restaurant loyalty programs have lots of appeal. In this article for Restaurant Technology magazine (see the PDF copy), I write about what some of the leading chains are doing with digital loyalty … Continue reading →
The top security stories of the past week, as part of my work to help curate the Dice Security Talent Community portal. Cloud Providers Reveal More Big Data Analytics To Enterprises iPhone, iPad Users Are Open to iOS File Sharing … Continue reading →